Vegetarian Dog Food

by tessa

Recently, as in the last 12 month or so, our dog has developed really painful and annoying itching, scratching, chewing and skin rash issues. During this time we have tried medicated shampoos, endless courses of antibiotic treatments, steroid therapy, and now vegetarian dog food.

We arrived at this new food experiment during research of traditional dog food.

As you are likely aware dog food contains any number of left over animal parts that are not appropriate for human consumption. As well, manufacturers are not required to list ingredients on their packaging so there is simply no way to know what you are feeding your beloved pet.

The home made food choice was not recommended by our vet as the exclusive nutrition source, even when supplemented by Pet Tabs. Although the combination of ground turkey, whole grain rice and eggs proved delicious to our dog, we remained concerned about her overall health.

Enter vegetarian dog food manufactured by Royal Canin. The ingredients are clearly labeled and include:

  • oat flour
  • brewers rice
  • potato protein
  • canola oil
  • yeast culture
  • tomato pomace
  • beet pulp
  • flax seed

and approximately 30 other ingredients. This is fed in combination with the aforementioned turkey and rice combination and the mixture receives two paws up from our dog. In the search for remedies to dog allergies, vegetarian dog food is a helpful alternative to standard food choices.

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