Is Flea Allergy Dermatitis Causing The Itch?

by tessa

It is the middle of summer and your dog is scratching themselves silly.

You tried the usual route of a simple flea bath, dip, or powder and these are not doing the job.

Maybe the cause is more than just the flea.

While trying to determine the cause of the itching and scratching your dog is suffering from you will entertain a host of possibilities. Dog allergies present themselves a number of different ways and appear at varying times of the year – depending on the allergy.

Flea dermatitis is when a dog is allergic to flea saliva. When your dog is bitten by a flea the resulting bite causes an allergic reaction that releases substances that can cause itching.

So it’s not simply that your friend has fleas and needs a flea bath. They may actually be allergic to the flea saliva.

The usually presents itself in the spring and summer although not limited to a particular season. The way that flea dermatitis is diagnosed involves a combination of:

  • the season
  • the location of the itching
  • the location of the lesions
  • and, if necessary, allergy testing

The area effected are the over the rump or back side, on the backs of the thighs and on the stomach areas. Interesting to note that this does not effect the front legs, the neck or the face of the dog.

To treat this vets will recommend strict flea control measures and soothing sprays along with medicated shampoos. If necessary Cortisone may be prescribed.

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