Inhaled Substances aka Allergic Inhalent

by tessa

Your dog might be allergic to inhaled substances, otherwise known as Allergic Inhalant Dermatitis.

This form of dog allergies can appear anytime of year when at its most severe although it usually seasonal. It stems from your pup being allergic to inhaled substances. As in humans there are a wide range of suspects but some of the primary causes are:

  • pollens
  • mold
  • dander
  • dust

These substances result in itching skin and dermatitis.

So how is this condition ultimately diagnosed?

Intradermal skin testing or blood tests will determine what your dog is allergic to. These tests are similar to ones performed on humans when trying to determine the root cause of allergic reactions.

Once diagnosed the treatment after testing is allergy shots. As well, various antihistamines and fatty acids may help.

Antihistamines may work up to 30% of the time.

The use of medicated shampoos and sprays will relieve the itching and scratching.

Cortisone may be prescribed by your vet if necessary.

A combination of fatty acids and antihistamines may decrease the amount of Cortisone that is needed to get the situation under control.

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