Home Remedy Or Vet Visit

by tessa

When a dog owner is first aware of the incessant scratching and licking that their pet is enduring there is a tendency to ignore the situation.

Don’t feel bad, but it is true.

You watch your best friend going slightly nuts from being uncomfortable and choose to do nothing. The reasons for this are not usually based on owners that do not care. Rather many owners will believe that the symptoms will disappear on their own. As an example fleas are most prevalent in the spring and summer so they think “hey, if I wait until the Fall this problem with Fluffy will go away”.

Owners will also attempt to go with the home remedy as read about on the internet or heard about from a friend or relative. Garlic, vitamin C, home made food and other attempts to heal your dog may lead to greater problems.

Unfortunately when it comes to dog allergies your pet needs some attention sooner rather than later. Do your pal a favor and invest in vet visit. The relief that your dog will feel will be worth the visit.

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