Dog Itches Nonstop

by tessa

Poor Annie

In the latest round of skin issues we went to the vet with another flare up of her skin.

Her belly was bright red and she was miserable. And so were we, since she would lick all night long.

The vet decided that it was time to take a culture of the infected area and see what would grow in a petri dish.

Three days later she called to say that there were two skin bacteria growing.

One that was related to the Mursa staph infection.

The solution was for her to have shots one a day for five days administered by us. These were to be 5 cc shots which represents a fairly significant dose.

We were warned to keep an eye out for increases in water consumption and urination as this drug had negative indicators for the kidneys.

Sure enough 5 days in Annie started to drink like a fish and and pee like a horse.

We were advised to stop treatment and come in for a ‘recheck’.

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