Dog Allergy Shots Did Not Work For Me

by tessa

After a long journey to uncover the reasons why Maddie has been itching and scratching herself, and us, to near insanity we seem to have landed on an approach that has been working for the last 6 months.

First to recap.

The first phase was the elimination diet.

Which was accompanied by trying to use Benadryl to cure the scratching.

There was the Cushings scare.

And let’s not forget the Atopica treatments.

Finally we went for the dog allergy blood test.

And learned that Maddie was most allergic to us!

So, I did what any die hard dog owner would do, I ordered the serum that would allow me to give Maddie the allergy shots that she needed to hopefully desensitize her to the things she was most allergic to.

After getting a short lesson in how to administer shots to my dog I faithfully went home and started the process.

And it lasted for ONE DAY.


After I read all the accompanying documentation and learned that the success rate was under 60%, and that these shots could possibly be a part of our regular routine FOREVER I simply couldn’t commit to the challenge.

So here is where we are as of this writing:

Maddie remains on Royal Canin limited ingredient food – both wet and dry.

She is on an antihistamine, Hydroxzine 25 mg, which she takes once or twice per day.

In addition she is on a low dose of  Medrol 2 mg – a steroid that she takes 2-3 times per week.

Also, we find that Maddie is one of these dogs that really doesn’t do a great job of expressing her own anal glands so I make sure that this is done at least once per month.

And heaven help us if she gets a flea bite as that will assuredly lead to a hot spot – so we make sure her flea meds are given monthly.

Lastly, as you have likely read that her #1 allergen is Human Dander, we make sure to keep our bed linens as clean as possible.

So far we are doing fairly well and although Maddie does have occasional flair-ups her condition is under control for the time being.

Meanwhile, her brother Oliver has never had an ichy day in his life.

Luck of the pound puppy draw I guess…..

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